Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Nanotechnology

My background is in materials science, solid state physics and laser spectroscopy.  I do applied physics, that is physics that has applications to some technology. 

My research interests are in the very broad fields of optics and photonics. Most recently, I've worked on polymer thin optical devices.

In the past, we have collobarated with Dr. Vaibhav Jain (now at NRL) and Dr. Randy Heflin (faculty member at Virginia Tech) on the polymer film projects.

We have collaborated with Dr. Donats Millers, Dr. Larisa Grigojeva and Dr. Vladimir Pankratov at the Institute of Solid State Physics in Riga, Latvia, studying point defects in optical materials.

Undergraduate Research at Sweet Briar
I welcome student interest in working on various projects with me. Student researchers have worked with me during the summer and also during the academic year. A variety of funds are generally available to fund undergraduate researchers at Sweet Briar (Honors Summer Research Program, VFIC).

If you are interested in discussing project ideas, please stop by my office or drop me an email.

Undergraduate researchers from my lab have presented their results at regional (MARCUS) and national conferences (APS-Los Angeles, APS-Montreal, Canada).

Our Experimental Capabilities

Interested in doing research or using our laser system for collaborative work ?
If you are interesting in collaboration, here are the labs current capabilities:

Layer-by layer assembly of polymer films

Fiber optic CCD spectrometer

Nd:YAG or OPO excitation with ~10-100 mJ pulses, ~5 ns pulse width at 266 nm, 355 nm, & 420 nm - 2300 nm.

Closed Cycle Helium Refrigerator for optical measurements down to 10 K

Emission spectra measurement with monochromator/PMT for lifetimes in the ns to ms.